Contemporary glimpses on Grothendieck’s mathematics post-IHES

Toulouse, 4-6 December 2024

Tentative list of speakers

  • Denis-Charles Cisinski
  • Bruno Klingler
  • Jean Malgoire
  • Sébastien Maronne
  • Joost Nuiten
  • Florian Naef

  • Mauro Porta
  • Marcy Roberston
  • Damian Rössler
  • Leila Schneps
  • Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz

The conference will be devoted to the mathematics developed by Alexander Grothendieck after he left IHES in 1970. The 4th of December will also be the opening day of an exhibition on the subject. This event will also be the opportunity for several talks aimed at a broader audience to present Grothendieck’s mathematical activities during the period 1970-2014.

Organisers: Damien Calaque and Bertrand Toen.